Types of camcorders

Camcorders 25A camcorder is a compact, portable device that is used for taking pictures and capturing videos. The reason for its name is because of its dual properties of a camera and a video recorder. Camcorders are always in demand by amateur and professional photographers, because they give amazing picture and video quality. There are lots of models available in the electronic market today and depending on the purpose of buying these, photographers can select whichever is best suitable for them.

Small easy and cheap camcorders – These are the basic models that have been there right from the start. They offer the same features as an average smart phone does, however since these are less expensive than the smart phones, there is still a market for the basic camcorder. Also, these are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof hence can be used more extensively than the smart phones. The picture and video quality is not great, but good enough for the cost.

Moderately priced and family friendly camcorders – These are not very sophisticated technologically and are not too basic like the initial models. They are reasonably priced between 300 and 600 pounds and can be used for capturing family functions like birthday parties, school functions, short vacations etc.  They are very convenient to use and can be set automatically so that it gives the reasonable zoom and other levels while operating.

These models are easy to operate as the navigation buttons are clearly placed on the top menu. There are clear instructions to handle these models and it is ideal for covering small level functions, as the image and picture quality is very good compared to the basic models.

Full featured and manually capable camcorders – The minimum price of these models is 800 pounds, however, the reviews say that it is worth the price. These have excellent features and the give full manual control to the photographer. These models are a pure delight to the professional photographer as he can set his own aperture settings to decide on the light entering the lens, setting his zoom levels, to focus on the image accurately, adjust the sensors so that the quality is not compromised upon even during low light scenarios etc.Camcorders 26

The picture and the video quality in these models is simply amazing and some of the new models have accessory shoes for microphones. These models are the most sought after as interchangeable lens are being introduced by the manufacturers in the recent times.

Action camcorders – These are also known as action or point of view recorders. The highlight of this model is its compact size and is most suitable for hands free recording. This feature has made this model a highly fast moving product. The quality of the final output is phenomenal and some of the newer models have attractive features like built in Wi-Fi and slow motion video capture facility.  The cheaper version of these can be brought for 100 pounds but if one wants to buy a model with all the features, the range is between 300 and 400 pounds.

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